Sunday, September 23, 2012


Earlier this week I moved out of my apartment at Lotus Suites and into a unit flat palace back in good old Diamond District. Some context: Diamond District is a large housing complex located about 6 km from the office where all coaches and coachees reside when our TWU sessions begin. It's also where I stayed two years ago for the whole duration of my trip.

Despite having to give up the 5-minute walking commute from my old apartment to the office, I was eager to find my permanent home away from home and settle in for good. Some other trainers (read: my current roommates) and I did a bit of investigating into what the best unit was. "Best", of course, is always subjective; for us it entailed 1.) a stable internet connection, 2.) relatively functional amenities and some would say most importantly, 3.) party pad potential. In the end it came down to between P81 and H81, both 4-bedroom penthouse units with spectacular views and more space than we know what to do with. We decided on H81 and suffice it to say, we haven't exactly looked back on our decision.

Laundry corner
Chess, cribbage and cards station

Yoga nook
Gargantuan living room
Two of my awesome roommates - Jules and Scott - doing a code review together. Aww.
My new room. I like how simple it is. And I loooove the semi-private deck.
A panorama view from our huge deck. The deck has almost just as much floor space as the inside of the unit.
Right now two of my roommates are out so it's just me and Scott inhabiting what feels like an enormous empty mansion. Now I know how Batman and Alfred felt, abandoned in the Wayne estate. Now I know.