Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog world problems


I got a Tweet from a lovely co-worker who kindly informed me that the images from my last entry on Commercial Street appeared to be broken. Weird - I'd sourced the HTML from my brand spankin' new Flickr Pro account (yes, I caved to Flickr. I know, I know - burn me at the stake) and they were appearing perfectly fine on the blog for me.

I immediately vetted this with my Maryland-based best friend, who confirmed that the images were not appearing.

Then came words that I dread hearing my whole life:

Apparently a lot of the standard fonts (and images, it seems) here in India aren't so standard in the US and do not render in their intended form on US screens. And of all typefaces they had to revert to - it ended up being the one I loathe the most, comic sans. Ironically enough, I've probably made mocked comic sans a dozen times in the time span that I've unknowingly had it plastered all over my precious blog. Oh how the gods-I-do-not-believe-in have a sense of humor.

Here are screenshots of what my blog looks like in the US ("Your blog looks bad. And you should feel bad." - Yoyo) and in India, where I labored over every last typeface, color, and arrangement for hours on end.

The worst part? I'd even tweeted about my new, "prettier" blog. In retrospect, I probably made many a toe curl and a hair rise (especially those belonging to a ThoughtWorks XDers who likely muttered to themselves "Well, I'm never gonna ask her to help with any wireframes.").

I'm going to spend a chunk of this weekend hopefully restoring the original look and feel of my blog + fixing the broken images. It'll be tricky not knowing what a US version of the screen would look like but I'm relatively sure that switching to more universal web fonts and using Imgur again will do the trick for now. Sure - I'll lose some of the styling effects, but at least it won't be comic sans. Anything but comic sans.

For now, enjoy the travesty that is my blog! Oh, and thank god for honest best friends.


  1. Proud to be featured on your blog! And yes, it looks great now (I was so tantalized by the sneak peak of the dumplings before and now I can finally see the full pics). I like the font and theme a lot more. If you were trying to go for "Indian," you've got it!

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