Friday, July 30, 2010

final entry, see you later!

Here I sit, next to a stuffed suitcase. Intoxicated, but sober enough to catch my spelling mistakes and probably not drunk enough to deal with the fact that this is my last night here in Bangalore.

I am rather disappointed in myself for not having done a better job of updating this blog. I know that some, maybe many, friends out there were counting on entries and stories and pictures galore. I am sorry to have let you down. The possibly good news is that I am thankful for all y'all's positive feedback and I am determined to blog as much as ever once I get home and maybe get some free time... maybe.

I've heard many times that ThoughtWorks can become your life. And I always refused to believe it. I had my own life, my own friends, my own direction, my own ambitions. It's been six weeks since I've stubbornly and skeptically boarded a plane, confident that I could handle whatever ThoughtWorks threw at me. And now, even I know I am still Rose Fan, my own person, ThoughtWorks has become a part of me too. TWU has confirmed my suspicions that being a "ThoughtWorker" is different from being an "Accenturer" or an "IBMer" because ThoughtWorks is a culture, a movement, an initiative towards something that is beyond just technology or Agile or consulting, something greater and more important to us as a society. I've never been around so many different people who've all been so passionate and so accepting and so different - it's quite wonderful. I think about all those conversations I had about omg should I become a paralegal or a business analyst for this crazy company just a few months ago, and now I finally, finally know I made the right decision.

These past six weeks have also taught me a lot about others - maybe a little too much, but these things are important to understand. It's also taught me a lot about myself. What I'm good at, what I'm not. What I should strive towards and be grateful for. What is decency, what is motivation, what is humility and acceptance.

The Angels Orphanage website is now live. We still have to fix a bunch of CSS and content details, but the gist of it is there:

I'm so excited to come home. And I am deeply sad to leave. It's been a wonderful experience here, one that I will never forget in my years to come.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you'd like to know the URL to my other one, just ask.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Just spent about an hour writing what was probably the greatest entry known to mankind about last weekend's Delhi/Agra trip. Then my laptop freaaaaaked out and in the process deleted all of my careful verbal handiwork.

It's 3:02 AM. I am going to sleep.