Monday, July 5, 2010

Seven Star Hotel?!

Above: the view over breakfast.

This morning, I trekked out to Leela Palace with a couple of TWUers in search of food. Well, we got food, and then some!

I'd been to Leela once before, but it'd been dark and we'd only gone downstairs to the club. I remember not being too impressed by this so-called "seven star" hotel at the time. The service was great and the club was nice enough, probably on par with some of the ones you'd see in downtown Chicago, but it wasn't anything to call home about (and the tequila shots were too salty, bleh).

This time though, we went on a nice morning, and oh, my god. I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

It reminded me of a Vegas hotel, but whereas Vegas hotels are basically flashy, crowd-pleasing mock-ups of nice places that exist elsewhere, Leela seemed a lot older and quieter. At one point during lunch on the patio, my coworker Molly thought she'd seen a peacock in the garden, but it turned out to be a cleaning lady's sari, lol. (But honestly it wouldn't have been surprising if a peacock (or a unicorn...) had appeared, this hotel was that ridiculous.)

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