Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pecha Kucha, plain white Ts, and pirated goodness.

Above: Patriotic Chi-town TWUers celebrating Fourth of July in front of our office. 1 is for America! 2 is for...fob.

Last week, one of our trainers spoke to us about a form of presentation called Pecha Kucha ("peh-cha koo-cha"), which means "the art of conversation" in Japanese. A Pecha Kucha presentation is focused on a relatively narrow subject and consists of 20 slides, displayed for 20 seconds each (for a total presentation time of slightly under seven minutes). We are encouraged to interact with our audience, use our body language, and choose whatever topic we feel most passionate in order to create the most insightful, informative, and concise presentations that we can.

All this sounded pretty cool, or at least I thought it did as I put the sticker with my name on it for week two - a safe enough buffer to have time to brainstorm & prepare, but not so late in the game that I'd run into the chance of someone else using my subject. But then fate (or a fan) screwed me over and my sticker got knocked on the the time someone found it, all the slots except for week 1 ones were taken...of course.


Today, I went out onto 100 Foot Road in search of a few plain t-shirts to replace the ones I'd ruined in the wash (a long, unnecessary story). I'd seen Levi's, Lee, and United Colors of Benetton stores along 100 Ft Rd many times before, so I figured I'd easily be able to find just a plain white T or two, but as it turned out, not a single one of them carried a plain shirt. Everything was sparkled or printed or said "If you think money doesn't matter, you obviously don't shop." The closest thing I could find was a medium-sized (that's another thing, sometimes the clothes will just have one size and customers have to deal) turquoise tank-kinda-thing at Benetton which cost roughly $35 I left empty-handed and dejected and ranting the whole way back to my Brazilian friend about how the U.S. practically makes an art out of crafting the perfect plain t-shirt (American Apparel, anyone?) and about how Levi's sets false expectations with its white-tee clad models on their billboards.


Just now, a bunch of us ordered pizza and watched "The A-Team" at the office. Terrible movie - I fell asleep despite all the explosions and "plot twists" and closeups of Jessica Biel's lips. We may or may not have also purchased what may or may not be a completely illegal and pirated copy of Twilight: Eclipse.

Above: teehee
We watched the first 5-ish minutes of it just to see if it would work/if it was actually Eclipse. The opening credits were for some grisly Michael Bay movie, but then I recognized that the first scene was Eclipse...weird. Anyway, can't wait to kick back and watch this, although I need to find someone who appreciates the stupid acting/bad script with me, it's no fun watching bad movies by yourself.


And just for good measure, here's yet another Old Airport Road crossing video, I think it's slightly more exciting than the first one.

Too tired to string this post together, so I'm going to leave it as is in its completely unconnected manner! To quote Reginald, I don't play by your rules, society!

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