Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back in Brilliant Bangalore

It's been exactly two years, one month and eleven days since my last entry.

But I am back in Bangalore - hurrah! Back with exactly two years, one month and eleven days' worth of ThoughtWorksian experiences, triumphs, failures, learnings, memories, advice, and general shenanigans that I cannot wait to share with my trainees. That's right - I am here as a trainer for ThoughtWorks University, the program from which I graduated exactly two years, one month and exactly eleven days ago.

Round two in Bangalore is different in many ways. My stay here will last about eleven weeks instead of six, my goal will be to effectively train/guide others rather than master course material, and something tells me I'll probably be drinking a lot less alcohol this time around. Granny Rose is in the house, bitches. Time to party drink play cribbage and get at least eight hours of sleep every night!

Speaking of sleep, I'm very, very deprived of it at the moment. I embarked on a 27-hour journey from LAX to ORD to FRA to BLR. That's right - I flew eastward from LA to get to India (don't ask me why - it doesn't make sense to me either) and got to my apartment in the wee hours of this morning physically on the verge of collapse but mentally wide awake due to the time difference.

Let's just say I wasn't a pretty sight this morning when I arrived at the office. Yet despite being in a near comatose state the whole day, I still had my fair share of excitement and exploration. When I'd last been in India, our facilities were divided up into two buildings about a 20 minute rickshaw apart; since I'd left, they had renovated the larger of the two into one building (still with two distinct but connected sections). The breakfast and lunch served on our office roof tasted divine in its familiarity after so many bland meals on the airplane. The highlight of my day happened when I wandered into a section of the building that I'd kept so immaculately clear in my memory for exactly two years, one month and eleven days - our old training space where we held TWU17. It all came back to me in a wave of nostalgia - the layout, the atmosphere, even the intangible little smells or sounds were all miraculously still the same! Look, there was the meeting room where we had Pecha Kucha night. And over in that area was where we played cricket during breaks. And that! That corner had our physical card wall with our hand-drawn avatars that jumped from story to story every day. Only this time the stories reflected new requirements, the students at the desks were a new wave of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thinkers, and only then did it become complete and tangible and concrete to me that I was here.

These past two years, one month and eleven days have brought me back to these next eleven weeks. I'll be sharing my journey in this blog, just as I had before. Let the adventures (and mass consumption of biryani) begin once more!

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