Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not really

I did not take any pictures/do anything particularly blog-worth today (unless you care to hear about the first day of training, or you want to know how my daiquiri tasted), so I will instead upload some random ones from days past and pass that off as an entry:

View from a balcony of the center area of Diamond District, where we TWUers are staying.

The lagoon-like pool gives it a very touristy feel, but I can't exactly say that I mind...

Oh, baby.

That, believe it or not, is actually a coconut. And I, believe it or not, have weird colored hair in this picture.

Stray dogs are relatively common here. I am perpetually sad that I cannot pet them.

One thing that kind of has been weirding me out thus far is the bizarre-o feeling of not having anything responsibilities in the evening (for the most part). That and the incredible purchasing power of USD make it horrendously tempting to go out every night, which I admit I have been doing thus far. The only problem is, we meet for breakfast at 8:30 in the morning, and it's just past 2:00 AM right now...and this is the second night I've done this in a row...yeah. I need to exercise some self control and learn when to end my night so that I don't wake up in bad shape the next morning, when I need to have my game face on.

Other than that, Bangalore is great. I will make a sincere effort to snap some photographs tomorrow. Til then, goodnight.


  1. 6 hours of sleep isn't that bad! stay out late and live it up while you can :) ps email meeeeee.


  2. 6 hours of sleep is not nearly enough! what are you on about

    ...it's actually 6:44 AM right now, i woke up an hr early because BIRDS were chirping too loudly outside, fml

    e-mail coming soon! much love